Sophie Grace
I may be a little bit biased, but I happen to think that she is the 
most adorable little girl on the planet! 

She is such a diva, always has a purse and cute outfits.

I like to pretend that she is my kid, I even took her to get her ears pierced...

And check out those glasses. One stylish kid.

She is a picky eater but that's ok..

This is her most recent picture! So cute by the way Tiffany! 

This is her boyfriend Tom. She loves hanging out with him. 
He spent 20ish minutes trying to teach her how to mix sound one night.. So cute! 

And these are pictures of her in the halloween costume I made her! 
She is such a doll. 
I'm so happy that I'm friends with her mommy so I can see her!

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