events that defined 2009

In 10th grade, I started debate. After Christmas break, Ms. Hyer would have us write down a list of all of the big current events that happened the year before and then all of the big events that happened in our own lives. After we wrote it all down, we would have to give a speech on the events that defined our year.
Since i'm no longer in high school, i wanted to keep that tradition alive. I always thought it was a nice way to sum up the year.


in january there was Jr Prom at WX with Ryan. It was our first real dance together as a couple. way fun.

in April, we went to WX's Senior Ball. My dad was the DJ and it was at the capitol. It was the best dance EVER! thanks Ryan!

WX homecoming in September... yeah thats right... i totally super-seniored it.

I got the T.H. Bell Scholarship which was super exciting!
I started an internship at IHC as an EKG tech. I learned a TON. and made a bunch of new friends.
Finished my last year of debate and as Debate VP.
Won 1st in state at HOSA and had the opportunity to go to nationals. I wasn't able to go because of my job..
And of course, GRADUATION!!!!!!!!

I had the BEST summer job EVER this year! I worked for Lagoon entertainment and LOVED IT! I really hope i get the chance to work there again!

and then for frightmares, I was a Witch! so much fun!

After summer ended...
I got my 1st apartment

and started college at USU!

oh yeah, and I LOVE my roommates.
seriously. i love them. thanks Bonnie, Rebecca, Brittney and Mckayla, you girls are great!

My family moved in October! we have always lived in the same house in kaysville. so it was hard to imagine moving. but i love our new home!

I got to be there when my aunt Suzanne delivered her second baby, Oakley. It was an amazing experience. Thanks for letting me be there Suzanne!

In may, Kirsty Sargaent passed away. She fought a really tough battle with cancer. I am so happy I got to be a part of her life. I was able to help her out for a summer when she was receiving treatment. She was an incredible woman and anyone who knew her was forever changed for the better. we love you kirsty. thanks for the memories. thanks for sharing your love and life with us.

November. MY great Grandma Carma died. I had the opportunity to get her ready after she died. It was a special experience to have and i will always remember that.

and in december Scott left us. Scott was one of the most special people i have ever met. He was a friend to all and we all loved him. even my cousins remember him playing games with them. he was such a kind and gentle friend. I was just reading through all of the cards and notes that he wrote me over the years and it brought back so many happy memories. he will be missed greatly. i love you scott.

swine flu
the economy
michael jackson's death
ted kennedy's death
patrick swazee's death
nobel peace prize given to obama

Merry Christmas


We had a great Christmas this year. Thanks Santa!

Even Maybe got in the spirit of Christmas!

then Ryan joined us and we went to my grandparents

Christmas Eve Festivities

I started off this Christmas Eve by going to Ryan's family party. I had a fantastic time. They were so nice to include me and his Grandma Carol even let me play all of their traditional games! I had such a good time! It's been nice to date Ryan for long enough that we can spend parts of our holidays together! It was such a great party and everyone was so kind.

Every year for Christmas Eve since I can remember, we have gone to Grandma and Grandpa Porters house. We always play songs with Grandmas bells. And then we act out the Nativity Scene.
The last couple years though have been different. Everyone is married and has their own families so not as many people show up on Christmas Eve. We didn't go last year because my mom wanted to start our own traditions. This year though, we did go. Suzanne and her family were there and of course Grandma and Grandpa.
So as you can imagine it is hard to act out the nativity scene with only 6 people who could participate.

Grandpa read the Nativity Story, while Grandma played songs on the piano that matched the story.

Dad and Megan were Mary and Joseph..

Suzanne and Joe were Shepherds.

Capree was the Angel

And I was the one and only Wiseguy

We would have had more participants, but mom and MItchel were upstairs trying to decide if Mitchel should go to the ER. He did end up going after the Nativity scene. Mom and Dad took him. Don't worry though, he only has chemical burns in his esophagus from dry swallowing pills.
Aside from Mitchel's Emergency Room Visit, It was a great Christmas Eve. Thanks to everyone who was a part of it!


December 18th
was the
1st Annual
Performance Audio
SNOG Party

SNOG: (noun) sweaters+eggnog= SNOG

Which means.....
Everyone (by everyone i mean everyone who is fun) at performance audio wore their fantastically ugly christmas sweaters and we had a great party!!!!

Chris in all of his christmas glory.

Dad in his tree skirt... i mean christmas poncho

the owners of performance audio

Chris and the girls

ALL of the girls

Mallory and Levi in the classic high school dance pose

Mallory and I went on an adventure to the bank, and the gas station. way fun!

and then we returned to the snogging...

overall successful SNOG party!!!! i hope next years is just as fun!

Happy Holidays

This Christmas was so much fun! It was so great to come home for the holidays. Living away from home has been fun, but being home for a whole month has been great!!! I came home on December 10th, which is Ryan's birthday. His mom was so kind and invited me out to dinner with their family for his birthday. We went to Happy Sumo and had some really great sushi! On December 11th, Ryan and I went to his dad's company party where he played the guitar and I sang. (If you can call it singing...) Ryan is such a great musician. I am always so impressed with how talented he is.

On the 16th my family had a gingerbread house making party. I think we have done this for the last couple years. Its always been at our house and it always involves different family members and friends. It was so much fun! we always split up into small groups and make our houses together!
On team 1 we had Grant and Mitchel

They made a lovely gingerbread train.

On team 2 we had Darrin, Suzanne and Capree

Of course when you put 3 A-type personalities together, you get a beautifully perfect gingerbread house. gumdrop sidewalk and all.

oh and don't forget about the perfect icing icicles.

On team 3 we had Lindsay and Megan.

They made an adorable Christmas Train.

And finally, team 4 we had My mom and I.
Lets just say we made the BEST gingerbread house EVER!!!!!!!!

It may look messy to the untrained eye, but don't be fooled, it was the best ever!

Of course Grandma and Grandpa were both there for moral support, assistance with our houses, and watching the kids.

Another great year of gingerbread houses!