18th birthday

I am so excited to officially be an adult. It really doesn't change much for me, but I feel like it is still a pretty big milestone. It is weird to think about all of the incredible things I have experienced so far and all of the things that have happened in only 18 years.

18 years ago..
LA riots
Johnny Carson Retires, J Leno becomes new Late Night Host
Bill Clinton was elected President

I don't remember any of those things, but here are some of the events I do remember...

OJ Simpson Trial

JonBenet Ramsey
Dolly the Sheep

Princess Diana's death

Monica Lewinsky Scandal unfolds

Columbine Shootings

Bush/Gore Election

Enron Scandal
September 11th

The Euro

War in Afganistan
Colombia Shuttle Disaster

Bush/Kerry Election
Tsunami in Far East

Hurricane Katrina

Pope John Paul II Dies
California Wildfires

Fidel Castro turns power to his brother, Raul Castro

Virginia Tech massacre
Bob Barker Retires
Crandall Canyon Mine Tragedy

Obama/ McCain Election
Global Financial Crisis

Swine Flu
Michael Jackson Dies

Haiti Earthquake

Fads, Trends and Technology
Tickle Me Elmo
Harry Potter
Backstreet Boys
Reality TV SHOWS

So much has happened in the last 18 years... Even though I am only one person, I just wanted to thank all of you that have been a part of my life. You are all parts of what make me who I am. I hope that I can make you all very proud as an adult.

I love you all SO much!



I was recently at DI looking for "trash" to turn into "treasure" for my latest design project. I was walking around feeling lost when I saw the most adorable beat up suitcase.

My first thought was that I could turn it into some kind of planter for flowers. I walked closer and saw that the price tag was $15, which seemed like a lot for a beat up suitcase. I thought I would pick it up and inspect it anyway. It was super heavy when I tried to lift it. I decided to open it up and investigate.

Can you guess what was inside?

An Antique Sewing Machine

It had all of the parts and original user manuals. So of course I bought it. It was absolutely adorable. I took it over to Grandma Porter's and we took a look at it. It STILL WORKS!!!

I think I found a pretty incredible treasure.


Megan's Trip to 84321

Megan came up to college for spring break! Probably not as fun as a trip to Mexico, but pretty high up there. Here are some highlights from her trip.

Driving to Logan

Our sweet apartment

Playing games

Willow Park Zoo

Feeding the Ducks at First Dam

Lunch at the Bluebird

Baby Animal Days was so much fun. They do it every year out at the American West Heritage Center and I hope we can go again! They had so many animals that we could hold and pet. I just wanted to take them all home with me.

Cleaning the Sink at ANGIE'S

Eating like a college kid

I hope Megan had as much fun as I did!!! It was super fun to have my sister with me in my classes and have a full week of sleepovers, swimming, playing, and a whole bunch of memories! Love you Megan xoxoxo


Spring Time Crafts

My mom always says how UN-CRAFTY she is. The truth is, she is extremely creative and crafty. So creative that one of the ladies at Ben Franklin copied her ideas. So last weekend mom had a bunch of crafts ready to create when I came home.

A bottle of paint and a couple of glue gun sticks later we had the MOST ADORABLE carrot planter ever!!!!

We've been looking for an egg wreath for the past month but we couldn't find one with the right colors. So we made one. Yes, you heard me correctly, we made an egg wreath.

Our next craft was a glass brick for spring. We started doing seasonal bricks for our seasonal display. This one turned out so stinkin cute!

And we found some baby ducklings at the craft store that were lacking some embellishment. So of course mom brought them home so we could make them even more cute than they already were.

It might just be me, but I think that the "ugly" duckling is the cutest thing I have ever seen.