I love to read blogs. I seriously am a major nerd, but I love them. There are a few I follow religiously, so I thought it would be cool if today's thing(s) were blogs that I love. Hopefully you will enjoy them too!

Bakerella is one of my absolute favorites! She is so creative when it comes to baking.

Seriously so Blessed This is a great "mormon mom blog." Well... Not really. She makes fun of mormon mom blogs in a nice, playful way. Love reading her.

U Create
U-Create This site has some of the most adorable crafting inspiration in the world! At the top of the page there are links to its sister sites, u-create foods, u-create parties and u-create kids.

Simply Modern Mom is another favorite. This lady has everything on here!

The Dating Divas have some fabulous date ideas.


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{tiffany} thomson said...

Abbey! I love you! I mean I always loved you but THANK YOU for such awesome blogs... I was just thinking I needed to follow some more AND I was just thinkning I needed to find some fun things to do for Turner and Max's Valentines party on Monday- you helped me with both! Thanks for sharing... suprised my blog didn't make the list ;) just kidding!