My Family.

Mitchel & I in Washington DC. I love that Mitchel and I are so close in age. We always have stuff to talk about and we have so much in common. We look a lot alike and hear about it all the time. He is the best little brother in the world and I am so happy that he is mine. He is the happiest person I know. I've never seen him sad for long periods of time and he knows how to make anyone smile. He is a kind person and would help out anyone in need. I love my little brother.

Megan. Although we have 6.5 years between us, we are the closest sisters in the world. We do everything together and now that I am back home, we spend most of our day together after school. We love all of the same things, which is wonderful. It's almost like having a best friend that is exactly like me!  ok... she isn't EXACTLY like me.. she is a lot taller. 
She is beautiful, smart and serious about school. She is so talented at everything and I'm so happy I have her as a sister. I love you Megan.

My mom. Coolest mom in the whole world. She and I do everything together. She is a great listener and a very hard worker. She is funny & smart. I look up to her for so many things, including advice. 
We have so much in common that it might actually be weird. Sometimes I do something that I have to stop and think "I'm turning into my mom." I love it when I have that realization.   
I love my mom so much! 

My dad. we are the two best friends that anyone could have.... nuff said.... 
just kidding.
I love my dad so much. He is the hardest worker I know. It is rare to see him sitting down. After his hip surgery, he has been doing a lot of sitting... I have really enjoyed the time that I have been able to spend with him during his recovery. I feel like we have been able to talk and really get to know each other. I know he is looking forward to getting back to running marathons... haha... but I have really enjoyed having him home 24/7.

This is a picture from our favorite family vacation to Mt. Rushmore.
I love my family. We are so good together and I can't imagine our family in any other way.

our family's favorite place to be is together....

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