seriously so depressed...

just talked to my advisor...
there is no way for me to graduate in 4 years.
NONE of the classes I need are offered in the summer or online.
Im going to be in school for AT LEAST 5 years.
just to be a teacher.
totally not happy right now.... :(



Today, I woke up and went to school like any other day. I had a test in math and in chemistry.. Which was ok i guess... I mean if they have to give us tests in school, today was an ok day to give one.
After school, I came home and cleaned, then went grocery shopping and spent waaaay too much!!! But it was totally worth it. I have some amazing dinners planned for the next couple weeks..

OH and... drum roll please... I found my new favorite store!!!!
My family has always loved Gosner's products, but to be honest, the idea of milk that doesn't have to be refrigerated GROSSES ME OUT!!!! So when I went today with my roommate, I wasn't planning on having anything to do with it. But, since we were there, I asked how they made this "magical milk." I was so surprised how they do it. It is pasteurized and then immediately put into airtight, light proof containers, so there is no possible way for bacteria to grow and the milk stays good even when its not refrigerated. Anyway... I decided to be brave, and I tried it. To say the least, I think I found my new favorite thing, BANANA FLAVORED MILK! It was way yummy!!! Hooray for new exciting treats!!!!

So after my grocery shopping I came home and made the first of a few really yummy things I have planned!
Guess what I made for dinner tonight?!?
THE MOST AMAZING DINNER EVER!!!! And I totally made it by myself!
I bet you are DYING to know what I made..
So I guess I will tell you..
I made Gorgonzola and Apple Stuffed Porkloins with YUMMY Potatoes!!!!!
It smelled, and looked super yummy but it tasted even better!!!!
I'm pretty sure they should give me my own show on Food Network!!!
In fact, I should get in contact with their producers and insist on having a show. They would totally be missing out if they said no. Maybe I should record myself cooking next time, and submit a video!!!! Now all I need is a name for my show!!!!! Any suggestions???

That's all for now!!!


mY WeeK iN hiGhLiGhTs

This week....
I learned how to crochet
My BFF Alexx taught me how to crochet. I have always wanted to learn how to crochet, but could never figure it out. My grandma always tried to teach me when I would ask her, but she is left handed, and it always ended in frustration towards each other. So anyway, I'm working on my first scarf right now!!! Thanks Alexx!

Roommate Night on Tuesday!
We made dinner together!!! Brittney made clam chowder, Mckayla made bread sticks, Bonnie made cornbread and Rebecca and I made chocolate cake with hot chocolate sauce!!! It was so much fun!!!!!! My roommates are amazing and they are fantastic cooks! So happy I live here and got to meet them!!!

The Office Wedding on Thursday!
Jim and Pam finally got married! I was so happy! I know everyone has been rooting for them from the beginning, but seeing the wedding last Thursday was so perfect!!! Love the office!!!

Made amazing dinners this week!!! Seriously! I made butternut squash two nights this week. I tried two different sauces and both were amazing! I love the feeling I get when I make something yummy!!!!

My roommate/BFF Bonnie came home with me this weekend!!!!! We went to Lagoon on Friday night. We were able to go on all of the rides and see all of the shows. Including the Hypnotist show!!! I went up on stage and I was hypnotized for my first time. It was the weirdest experience!!! But seriously awesome, if you ever have the chance to be hypnotized, DO IT!!!

On Saturday, we went to breakfast at my favorite breakfast joint. I went to work and Bonnie stayed with my family. When I got home, we went to dinner at Tepanyaki for dad's birthday!

Sunday I had to work, Parents had a golf tournament and Bonnie came to Lagoon with Megan to see Windy and friends!!!! Fantastic weekend!!!

An overall a fantastic week!!!!!


Lets start at the very beginning...

Hey! abbey here. I'm sure the only person who will actually read this is my mom. so HI MOM!!!! I used to blog for a English class, but I haven't for years!!! I enjoy reading other blogs, but I guess i feel like I'm one person in the world, and people have much better things to do than read about me and my life.. So i guess the purpose of this blog isn't for everyone out there to check in on me, but rather to keep my own record of what's going on in my life. I guess its a journal of sorts, but instead of being under my bed, its online, so i wont lose it, and years from now, i can see what I was thinking as a freshman in college. ...Maybe one day I will have events that are exciting for everyone to read about, but for now, its just me writing about my life.