Weekend in Boise

So for the long weekend, my roommate Bonnie took me home with her to Boise! We had so much fun! The drive to Boise wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.. but I had plenty of things to entertain me. Bonnie drove and I entertained pretty much the whole way! We made two stops. The first was to get gas. And the second was at a trucker stop because I just had to go to the bathroom... I'm sure you understand. Anyway, we walked into the truck stop/gas station/restaurant/lodge and walked past the creepy phone booths and upstairs to the bathrooms. They had one bathroom with 2 toilets all in the same room. OMG. whoever invented that obviously was thinking about moms with their kids, or maybe twins that needed to go at the same time. anyway, we did our thing and then as we were walking out, two truckers with suitcases walked by as they cat called and hollered, "you two are the best looking truckers i've ever seen." CREEPY...

So back in the car and on our way. We got to Bonnie's house in the late evening and her mom made us AMAZING steak sandwiches.

After dinner we did PEDICURES! WAY FUN!

Then her mom pulled out her pot of wax and we did wax on our hands and feet. It felt incredible. Its like a giant scentsy pot that you can play with and mom wont even get mad at you. It was super hard to hold a drink with our mits on so Bonnie's mom got us straws. which was seriously just as tricky.

The next morning we woke up and drove to a small air strip so Bonnie and Jenny could go skydiving! HOLY COW! anyway. we waited FOREVER in a non-heated dirty boy hangout building that they called a
"professional skydiving company"
only to find out that the weather wasn't optimal for jumping so to try our luck tomorrow.

check out how sad and disappointed Bonnie looked...

So mom cheered us up by taking us to macaroni grill for lunch and then cheesecake factory! SOOOOOO YUMMY!!!!!!

After our afternoon on the town we came home and played wii and chilled. We watched the "Accidental Husband." Way CUTE!!! and then we called it a night.

Sunday we woke up and went out to the skydiving place for another try. It was a go! Bonnie got all geared up!

She got onto the plane...

and then 20 min later... She JUMPED!!!!!

10,000 feet later she landed safely on her butt!

We went home, had lunch and then went to the movie "Its Complicated." Not my favorite movie ever. but still way cute.
We finished the movie, came home, had dinner and then cooked for a few hours. we made dinners and then wrapped them and froze them so we could have easy dinner nights in Logan. We made lasagna, chicken enchiladas, chili and stuffed mushrooms.

We had enough breaks while cooking to tease Bonnie's brother in law Clint.
you see, he bought a car. but it looks like he actually got it at a circus auction. It is missing 12 clowns though...

So anyway, we put on our noses that we put together after the movie and went out to the car to take pictures.

and then we ambushed Clint with silly string and a air horn! So funny!

It was a really great trip! Thank you to the Green Family for making me feel so welcome! And thanks Bonnie for sharing your family with me!