Finals are OVER!!!

Yay! Finals are FINALLY over!!! YAY! I'm so excited! I'm almost moved home, I have to go back up tonight with Tom to get the rest of my furniture. I'm really looking forward to a new semester at a new school, but for now, I'm just really excited to be on Christmas break. I have a long to do list before Christmas (crafting, cleaning, shopping and wrapping) and I have a lot of Christmas festivities ahead. I will keep you all updated with my adventures. For starters, I just got tickets to Hogle Zoo for the Christmas lights that they put up! I'm so excited! I will take plenty of pictures! Can't wait to go.

I am now home from Logan and I will be attending WSU next semester while living at home! I am very excited to be back home with my family. I'm taking 2 Criminal Justice classes, Public Speaking, Anthropology: People and their Cultures, Business 1010, and International Politics. I am very excited about my upcoming classes, but I am even more excited to be on Christmas Break right now!


cute animal videos

potatoe bug puppy

so stinkin' cute! poor little guy can't get up...

Fun in the Snow

Calvin and Hobbes classics


People I look up to

Rachael Ray
She is not only an amazing cook but she loves animals and is a animal advocate. She has a warm bubbly personality and she is super cute and clever!

Martha Stewart
Composed, organized, prim and proper. Who doesn't love this woman??? She really can do anything and make it look so cute and easy! And SERIOUSLY?! who else can put their name on "the encyclopedia of crafts"

Brandi Carlile
She is my favorite musician. She is such a great artist and I love her sense of fashion.

Nancy Botwin
Yes, I realize she is a fictional character. But I love her. She is tough, sexy and smart. No one messes with Nancy.

My Mom
         She is my mom, so naturally I look up to her. She is funny and SOOO smart! She is creative and crafty (in fact, my roommate Rebecca considers her to be like Martha) My mom is tough, I've only seen her cry a couple of times in my whole life (during Marley & Me and the episode of ER when Dr. Green died). She is gentle, kind and generous. She would do anything for anyone in need. She is a hard worker and gives 110% at everything!
         We enjoy doing all of the same things, crafting, reading the same books, we are even in a book group together. we order our ice cream sundaes the same way- with the sauce on the side. We both share a LOVE for Diet Coke. We both love swedish fish and peanut butter m&ms.. I don't know if these things are genetic or if I just do them because I want to be like her. I'm pretty sure that our family has a genetic predisposition to like Diet Coke, so at least I know that one is genetic.
        She is still married to my dad. I look up to both of them for this, but I really think it's cool that she has stayed married to the same person for 18 years. Everyone says how hard marriage is but they have managed to stay together for my entire life. Even more impressive, they are happy and when you see them together sitting in a booth at OTC you would think that they just started dating. They are still in love with each other and that, is an amazing accomplishment.
        She listens to all of my stories and ramblings. If you know me, you know that I can talk for hours on end. She somehow listens and responds to everything that I say. I know that takes patience, but she does it. Every time I come home we have a MILLION things to talk about, even though we spend our weekends together and we talk on the phone every day.
         She encourages me to stay in school. Even on the hard days, she gives me encouragement and keeps me motivated.
        She has given me EVERYTHING! She has given me every opportunity and chance in the world and I will always owe her for that. She has been patient and kind and has taught me so much throughout my life.
        But my most favorite thing about her is that she is my best friend and I can tell her anything. She is there for me in everything that I do and she knows everything about me. It's great to have a best friend that has already grown up and knows what to tell me. I love my mom SO much and I look up to her more than anyone! Thanks for everything mom!

Who do you look up to?


Can't put it down...

Books, my new addiction. I love the way they smell and feel as your fingers touch the pages. I love the way my eyes run back and forth over the letters. The feelings that they inspire and the thoughts that they create. There is no better high than a good book.

My mom called me last week and invited me to join a book club she just became a member of. I was very excited and she explained that we both needed to take books as recommendations for next years book club meetings. I stopped at hastings and picked up a stack of books that I have read and books that I've wanted to read. I was thrilled with the thought of being in a book club.

That night we sat down with 13 ladies and listened as they pitched their book recommendations and then voted. We picked our top 10 and made our list for the year. I am very excited to meet with them again. The book we are meeting about in January is Molokai, I will be sure to review it on here when I am done. I can't wait to read it. I know that it is a historical about a girl who is sent to Hawaii because of her leprosy, but that is all that I know.

I decided to start on my stack of books that I purchased since I don't have to be done with Molokai until January.

I picked up Atonement by Ian McEwan and started it this weekend, but left it at home. So I was a little bummed when I got up to Logan and made this realization. Right then, Brittney returned the book that she had borrowed out of my stack, The Other Boleyn Girl. She said it was a fantastic book and that needed to read it. I was just happy to have something to read this week. I started it on Monday, and I have been unable to put it down. It is the first thing I look at in the morning and the last thing my eyes see at night. I've even been dreaming about it.

The Other Boleyn Girl is a story of ladies in waiting, Dukes and Lords, romance and passion, King Henry VIII and his desires to have a male heir to the Throne. It is a beautiful story that really captures the essence of the time.

Phillipa Gregory's characters are so unique and her discriptive language really takes you into the time of the book. The story is told through the eyes of Mary Boleyn, the younger of the Boleyn sisters. It follows her love story with King Henry and the dynamics of the court. The plot just keeps thickening and I can't wait to see how it ends!



Today, the results of the midterm elections were announced.

Today, I went to chemistry and enjoyed the lecture.

Today, I could smell fall and winter crossing over.

the leaves made the swishing noise under my car.

Today, I went book shopping with Brittney and purchased 9 books.

I can't decide which one to read first...

Today, I heard bagpipes and thought about Kirsti.

Today, I drove home to Kaysville. Just for today.

Today, I went to the doctor with Megan.

Today, I saw my aunt Suzanne and realized how much I miss her.

Today, I went to a book-club with my mom.

Today, I made some new friends.

Today, I wished my dad and I were closer.

Today, I thought too much about things I cannot change.

Today, I didn't want the day to end.


Witches! Witches! Witches!

October is HERE!
And you know what that means...

I was so happy when I found out that we were doing the Windy the Witch show again and they wanted me to be Autumn the Witch again!!!

We had a few dress rehearsals....

And then the show opened on Saturday the 25th

When we aren't performing we get to roam kiddieland. We had out candy and take pictures and talk to kids. I LOVE IT! I seriously have the most fun job in the world!

Thanks to my friends and family for coming to see the show last weekend!



Some would say that labor day is too early to bring out the Halloween Decor. My mom and I would disagree. It is NEVER too early for Halloween.

Sheryl Crow & Colbie Caillat

Colbie Caillat

My beautiful mother and I enjoying ourselves

Debbie and Jon

Me & Debs

Dad and Jon... Best Friends FOREVER! They even had matching shirts for the occasion

The concert was amazing!!!! Sheryl Crow was great, but lets be honest, I LOVE Colbie! Thanks to everyone for a great night.


starting new

The first day of school. New notebooks, pens, and textbooks. New classes, teachers and friends. Something about the beginning of a new school year brings out a fresh attitude in everyone. Its before anyone feels overwhelmed with projects and papers. Students and teachers start out with new goals and ambitions that might never be. But that first week of school, the smell of new school supplies and clean classrooms is nostalgic. It makes you feel that you could start over, make new friends, be a new person.

I have always loved school, especially the early fall when you walk in to school feeling ready for another year. I think that feeling is part of why I want to be a teacher. Seeing kids excited about learning is most prevalent in the first weeks of school and I want to be a teacher who keeps kids enthusiastic about learning all year long. I love coming home from a day of school and feeling like I have learned something.

Along with my goals for the new year I decided to start writing things that I learn in this blog. Then at the end of the year I can look back at all of the things that I have learned.

The First Lesson:
Decaff or Regular?

I have always wondered how they make decaff coffee. Isn't that the whole point of coffee, to wake you up in the morning? Today in Chemistry we looked at chapter 1 and the process of decaffeinating coffee. All cocoa beans have caffeine and theobromine in them naturally, so how do you remove the caffeine and maintain the flavor?

Well it used to be that they would carbon tetrachloride to soak the beans and then a long decanting process to extract the caffeine and theobromine but after years of this process they discovered that this chemical was doing more harm than good. In the 1980's there was a solvent scare and many of the chemicals that were frequently used for this process were deemed unsafe for human consumption. After years of trying different methods the coffee industry (more like chemistry industry) finally developed a method that we still use today.

By using carbon dioxide in its supercritical form (in between a gas and liquid) and raising the pressure you are able to bring a supercritical fluid out of the coffee beans. The pressure is then released and the CO2 evaporates off of the beans. As it evaporates, it is filtered through charcoal and this filtering process removes all of the caffeine and theobromine that gives your coffee its kick.

Regular coffee contains about 106-164 mg of caffeine per serving while decaff contains 2-5. So by drinking decaff you are getting a very small amount of caffeine in your drink and since we have changed the extraction process you really aren't losing any of the flavor.


Washington DC

one word.... AMAZING.

That is the only thing i have to say about Washington DC.

Just kidding.. I have a million things to say about DC. It was amazing, inspiring, beautiful, historical and absolutely one of the most incredible places I have ever been. I LOVE LOVE LOVED IT! I was able to go with my cousins, brother and Grandpa Max.

Here are a few highlights from our trip....

The potomac river at dusk

The World War II Memorial

the Jefferson Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial

Cousins on the metro


The Capitol

Mitchel by the Capitol

On the tour bus of the city

on the mall in front of the capitol

On the tour bus of the city

In front of the Lincoln Memorial

The Washington Monument


Naval Ship in the Air and Space Museum

The Hall of Remembrance at the Holocaust Museum

The air vent in the Spy Museum

The Jefferson Memorial

Me and Gramps on the tour bus of the city

The Vietnam Wall

the National Cathedral

The National Cathedral

The National Cathedral

Hiking to the National Cathedral
We had a really great time. I LOVED IT. I am so happy I had the opportunity to go and see everything. It was an incredible experience and I loved every second of it!

Thanks for taking me Grandpa Max. And thanks for paying for it mom. i love you.