Maybe's trip to the Vet

For those of you that don't know my dog Maybe, you don't know what a crazy dog she is. I love her more than anything, but sometimes I just don't know what to do with her. Today, she had to go to the vet for shots.

I was trying to think ahead and prevent any crazy problems she could create. I tied her leash to the back seat of the car so that she wouldn't be able to ride in the front seat on my lap. And then I took her out to the car on another leash so there was no chance of her escaping. She was more than willing to get in the car. It is her favorite thing. So the whole ride to the vet she barked at everything. She is a very vocal creature.

We pulled into the parking lot and I switched leashes to let her out of the car. She nearly pulled me over as she got out of the car. I finally got her inside and the second the door closed, she scratched and cried at the door. I persuaded her to come over to one of the waiting room benches where she sat on the ground crying and shaking. She is such a big baby. Emphasis on BIG. As I talked to her to calm her down, she hopped up on my lap and cried even louder. The vet techs were laughing hysterically at my adorable lap dog.

They finally called her name and I walked her over to the scale. She wouldn't walk, let alone get on the scale. So of course, I picked her up and stood on the scale. And then we weighed me and did the math. We went back to an exam room and sooner than the technician could pull out her clipboard, maybe was on my lap crying again.

I coaxed her onto the exam table when the vet came in but she wouldn't stop shaking. We were only in the room for 10 minutes but she made it seem like a lifetime. The vet said she is extremely healthy and that she is a good dog!

We walked out to the front to pay and I put her leash on the "Doggie Hitch" and pulled out my wallet. She started barking at a Rottweiler 2x her size and then they started to bark loudly at each other. I was so embarrassed that my dog thought she could take on a Rottweiler. I explained to Maybe that she was too little to beat up the other dog, but she didn't seem to mind. I finished paying and as I went to put my wallet in my purse, the owner of the Rottweiler, LET HER DOG OFF OF ITS LEASH. Not Joking. Maybe full on attacked the other dog when it got close enough. Right about at the time I started to pull my dog off of the other one, I got knocked off my feet and cut my back on the "Doggie Hitch."

I apologized for my dog as the dumb lady who let her dog off the leash walked off. I'm still in shock that I was the one that apologized. Who lets their dog off a leash in the vets office?????

Anyway, I got Maybe back in the car and started Driving home. I got to Main St. in Kaysville and decided to call my mom and fill her in. As I was talking to her, I looked in my rear view mirror to see that Maybe had rolled down her own window and was half way out of the car. I hung up the phone and pulled over as soon as I could. As I put my car in park, I looked in the mirror again to see a car pulling over behind me. I looked closer and saw Animal Control. I started to panic and wrestled Maybe back into the car and then got out and talked to the officer thinking that I was going to lose my dog for being irresponsible with the windows. He had a good laugh when he realized why I was panicked, and explained that he got a call for a raccoon. I was so relieved and made my way home. Maybe hopped out of the car, trotted inside and fell asleep. I guess her busy day wore her out...