gobble gobble gobble

I love all the food and the family and the colors. Thanksgiving has the cutest colors. Just think about all of the turkey decorations, brown and red and yellow and orange. All of the best fall colors all rolled into one animal!
oh and its my favorite holiday that honors the indians (native americans... feather, not dot)
every year, i dress up in my favorite indian costume to represent the indians that attended the first thanksgiving!

I was thinking about dressing up as a pilgrim to shake things up a little, but I think if I'm not dressed as an indian, there will be something missing at Thanksgiving...


'Tis the Season...

I love CHRISTMAS!!!!! I think everyone should start decorating the minute Halloween ends! I understand that Thanksgiving is important, but I don't think Christmas Decor distracts from the feeling of the Holidays! (lets be honest, the only feeling I get at Thanksgiving is the feeling of overeating..) Anyway... like i said i LOVE Christmas!!! And nothing says love like DECORATIONS...
Brittney and I made Ornament Wreaths today!!!!!
3 words...WAY STINKIN' CUTE!!!

we had tons of fun, and they turned out way easier than I thought they would be!

We started with wire hangers, and made them into circles..

Pick your bulbs, whatever colors you want... and then string them on!!! told you! way stinkin' easy!

be patient.. they take a while..

and you might go a little crazy while you're stringing bulbs and singing christmas songs...

but the finished product is worth it!!!