Megan's Trip to 84321

Megan came up to college for spring break! Probably not as fun as a trip to Mexico, but pretty high up there. Here are some highlights from her trip.

Driving to Logan

Our sweet apartment

Playing games

Willow Park Zoo

Feeding the Ducks at First Dam

Lunch at the Bluebird

Baby Animal Days was so much fun. They do it every year out at the American West Heritage Center and I hope we can go again! They had so many animals that we could hold and pet. I just wanted to take them all home with me.

Cleaning the Sink at ANGIE'S

Eating like a college kid

I hope Megan had as much fun as I did!!! It was super fun to have my sister with me in my classes and have a full week of sleepovers, swimming, playing, and a whole bunch of memories! Love you Megan xoxoxo

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