Interior Design

This semester I decided to take an Interior Design class. On the first day of class, the professor walked in and informed us it wasn't an interior design class, but rather a Design class. She said sorry for the confusion and if we weren't interested in all aspects of design, to drop the class. She showed us the syllabus and I fell in love. I knew from the second I read the syllabus that this was going to be the BEST CLASS EVER!

So far we have looked at different architects and artists throughout history. We have looked at the elements of design (color, line texture....) I have loved every second of it!

The assignments in the class are quite different and I love the creative room that she gives us.

The first assignment was to create a famous person completely out of wire. So we were supposed to find a picture, trace it in one line and then use our sketch to mold our picture out of wire.

Here is my famous person... John Lennon..

Here is my sketch and my first attempt

It didn't quite work. After trying to solder it and then welding it... We started from scratch with a different wire.
Sorry dad.... I didn't pick the best wire to begin with..

Here was the finished result

So after tons of work and my poor dad having to help me for HOURS, it was finished. And it is now on display in the Interior Design Building at USU.

The second project was to show an emotion using texture.
Pictures are coming ...

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