The Couch

Super Bowl Sunday came and my family went to Rich's house for a way fun party! Well at least as fun as a football game can be... The food was GREAT though!

Anyway... I was bored before the game even started and no one would change the channel to watch the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. So I got on dad's Iphone to look at Ikea.com and I found a couch. It was PERFECT! I had been looking for some sort of chair for my apartment, but it is an apartment so space is an issue. Of course, who understands space better than Ikea.

Ikea wasn't far from Rich's house, and I was bored... So Megan and I hopped in the van and drove to Ikea. We looked around for a little bit, but we were crunched for time, so we pretty much rushed the shopping. They only had 2 couches left! And I got one! yay hooray!!!

So the couch sat in the garage at my house and waited to come up until saturday. Ryan had a Tuba audition up here at USU on Saturday, so we drove up with Megan and the couch and a tuba. Lets just say, it was a full car. Ryan had time to help me put the couch together before his audition.

Here's the couch!


And a cover... because it is white...

Look at how helpful Megan was.

I'm so happy to have a couch! Thank you so much for putting it together Ryan! You are the best!!!

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