Today, the results of the midterm elections were announced.

Today, I went to chemistry and enjoyed the lecture.

Today, I could smell fall and winter crossing over.

the leaves made the swishing noise under my car.

Today, I went book shopping with Brittney and purchased 9 books.

I can't decide which one to read first...

Today, I heard bagpipes and thought about Kirsti.

Today, I drove home to Kaysville. Just for today.

Today, I went to the doctor with Megan.

Today, I saw my aunt Suzanne and realized how much I miss her.

Today, I went to a book-club with my mom.

Today, I made some new friends.

Today, I wished my dad and I were closer.

Today, I thought too much about things I cannot change.

Today, I didn't want the day to end.

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