People I look up to

Rachael Ray
She is not only an amazing cook but she loves animals and is a animal advocate. She has a warm bubbly personality and she is super cute and clever!

Martha Stewart
Composed, organized, prim and proper. Who doesn't love this woman??? She really can do anything and make it look so cute and easy! And SERIOUSLY?! who else can put their name on "the encyclopedia of crafts"

Brandi Carlile
She is my favorite musician. She is such a great artist and I love her sense of fashion.

Nancy Botwin
Yes, I realize she is a fictional character. But I love her. She is tough, sexy and smart. No one messes with Nancy.

My Mom
         She is my mom, so naturally I look up to her. She is funny and SOOO smart! She is creative and crafty (in fact, my roommate Rebecca considers her to be like Martha) My mom is tough, I've only seen her cry a couple of times in my whole life (during Marley & Me and the episode of ER when Dr. Green died). She is gentle, kind and generous. She would do anything for anyone in need. She is a hard worker and gives 110% at everything!
         We enjoy doing all of the same things, crafting, reading the same books, we are even in a book group together. we order our ice cream sundaes the same way- with the sauce on the side. We both share a LOVE for Diet Coke. We both love swedish fish and peanut butter m&ms.. I don't know if these things are genetic or if I just do them because I want to be like her. I'm pretty sure that our family has a genetic predisposition to like Diet Coke, so at least I know that one is genetic.
        She is still married to my dad. I look up to both of them for this, but I really think it's cool that she has stayed married to the same person for 18 years. Everyone says how hard marriage is but they have managed to stay together for my entire life. Even more impressive, they are happy and when you see them together sitting in a booth at OTC you would think that they just started dating. They are still in love with each other and that, is an amazing accomplishment.
        She listens to all of my stories and ramblings. If you know me, you know that I can talk for hours on end. She somehow listens and responds to everything that I say. I know that takes patience, but she does it. Every time I come home we have a MILLION things to talk about, even though we spend our weekends together and we talk on the phone every day.
         She encourages me to stay in school. Even on the hard days, she gives me encouragement and keeps me motivated.
        She has given me EVERYTHING! She has given me every opportunity and chance in the world and I will always owe her for that. She has been patient and kind and has taught me so much throughout my life.
        But my most favorite thing about her is that she is my best friend and I can tell her anything. She is there for me in everything that I do and she knows everything about me. It's great to have a best friend that has already grown up and knows what to tell me. I love my mom SO much and I look up to her more than anyone! Thanks for everything mom!

Who do you look up to?

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