December 18th
was the
1st Annual
Performance Audio
SNOG Party

SNOG: (noun) sweaters+eggnog= SNOG

Which means.....
Everyone (by everyone i mean everyone who is fun) at performance audio wore their fantastically ugly christmas sweaters and we had a great party!!!!

Chris in all of his christmas glory.

Dad in his tree skirt... i mean christmas poncho

the owners of performance audio

Chris and the girls

ALL of the girls

Mallory and Levi in the classic high school dance pose

Mallory and I went on an adventure to the bank, and the gas station. way fun!

and then we returned to the snogging...

overall successful SNOG party!!!! i hope next years is just as fun!

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Pete & Mal said...

Oh you know it will be!!! I will make sure of it!