Christmas Eve Festivities

I started off this Christmas Eve by going to Ryan's family party. I had a fantastic time. They were so nice to include me and his Grandma Carol even let me play all of their traditional games! I had such a good time! It's been nice to date Ryan for long enough that we can spend parts of our holidays together! It was such a great party and everyone was so kind.

Every year for Christmas Eve since I can remember, we have gone to Grandma and Grandpa Porters house. We always play songs with Grandmas bells. And then we act out the Nativity Scene.
The last couple years though have been different. Everyone is married and has their own families so not as many people show up on Christmas Eve. We didn't go last year because my mom wanted to start our own traditions. This year though, we did go. Suzanne and her family were there and of course Grandma and Grandpa.
So as you can imagine it is hard to act out the nativity scene with only 6 people who could participate.

Grandpa read the Nativity Story, while Grandma played songs on the piano that matched the story.

Dad and Megan were Mary and Joseph..

Suzanne and Joe were Shepherds.

Capree was the Angel

And I was the one and only Wiseguy

We would have had more participants, but mom and MItchel were upstairs trying to decide if Mitchel should go to the ER. He did end up going after the Nativity scene. Mom and Dad took him. Don't worry though, he only has chemical burns in his esophagus from dry swallowing pills.
Aside from Mitchel's Emergency Room Visit, It was a great Christmas Eve. Thanks to everyone who was a part of it!

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