Tom's New House

Tom is buying his very first house! The house is an older house that has been remodeled. It is absolutely darling! I can't wait to help him move in, maybe he will even let me help decorate! I took some of the pictures from the original listing. I hope the previous owners don't mind that I am posting their darling house on my blog! Can't wait to post pictures of the house after Tom has moved in.  
Isn't it sooooo cute?!?
The backyard is HUGE!

The great room. 

The kitchen.

My mom and I have been shopping at DI and on KSL to find furniture that we can redo. We have been having so much fun with our DIY furniture. Before and After pictures to come!


bayleebug said...

AAAH! It is SOOO cute!!! (: I can't wait to see the after pictures!! (: Tom is basically going to LOVE all of your darling DI finds...(: <3/Baylee

Tiffany said...

So dear Abby, I know nothing about what is going on in your life, like who is Tom? I noticed today that you pinned a whole bunch of wedding stuff? Saving for the future or are you planning the "best" party of your life? Nosy? I guess but mostly that I want to know what is new with you!!! <3 ya girl!!

Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke Photography said...

That is a really cute house, nice details inside;)