Father's Day

This year for Father's Day we threw a party at our house for all of the dads at Performance audio. We had a super yummy barbeque and then we all drove to the drive in to watch Toy Story 3.

I think that this was my favorite of all of the Toy Story's. It was a little bit of a tear jerker, but I loved it. Just like all of the others, it stuck with the family friendly humor that only toys could accomplish. If you are thinking about going to see it, DO IT!

Our barbeque preparations started the day before with the desserts and when you see the pictures as you scroll down, you will understand why it took 2 days to accomplish. My mom and I had the same idea to do the fathers day desserts from Bakerella.

Mini Dessert Burgers

We used cupcakes for the buns and brownies for the burger patty

Sugar Cookie French Fries

And viola! our finished products. They were event yummier than they look!

Tiffany put together treat bags for every family to take to the drive in.

Overall, our hard work showed and everyone loved it! We had a super fun fathers day.

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